Training resources in hearing assistance for nurses and other care staff in aged care services and hospitals

It's never too late to hear better

Seven in 10 older Australians have hearing loss, but the staff of age care service providers and in hospitals are seldom adequately trained to assist.

An effective hearing assistance program benefits staff as well as those they care for and if performed systematically should not be time consuming.

Quick links to free resources

These resources may also be useful for carers and volunteers who assist hearing impaired people in the community.

Instructional video

A free instructional video designed to fit within a 30 minute in-service session for staff as well as for pre-service training.

The video opens with residents talking frankly about their experience of hearing loss, with a brief explanation of the impacts they describe.  This leads on to effective ways of speaking to someone with a hearing loss and then to a thorough demonstration of essential skills needed to manage and trouble shoot hearing aids.

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The video and accompanying Good Practice Guide have been promoted by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency and by the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council.  This website is referenced in the Companion Volumes for the Diploma of Nursing and the Certificates in Individual and Ageing Support.

The video was filmed as part of a Better Practice award winning hearing assistance program at IRT William Beach Gardens. It was produced in partnership with the LinkAGE Program of St Vincent’s Health Australia and Australian Hearing staff, with funding from Cochlear Ltd.

Teaching-learning modules

Teaching-learning modules suitable for pre-service education and training and also for continuous professional development purposes for relevant staff. 

Follow this link to to Hearing Assistance Teaching and Learning Modules

These resources include a free online hearing assistance training module delivered via Moodle.  The Moodle course incorporates three short learning assessment quizzes into the above instructional video and allows the progress and results of students to be tracked and verified.  It is ideal preparation for students prior to work placements and for in-service/CPD purposes.  Follow this link

Training Pack

Training Pack is suitable for face to face in-service training of nurses and other care staff.

The training pack includes a questionnaire to reinforce learning from the instructional video above and/or to assess understanding of core hearing assistance skills.  It also contains prompt cards which may aid on-the-job performance.

Good Practice Guide

The Good Practice Guide provides additional reference material and suggestions for establishing an effective hearing assistance program.


A series of posters designed to support an announced improvement plan for hearing assistance in aged care and hospitals etc.  The eight A4 posters can be placed on staff notice boards at intervals - say weekly.  The poster are designed to increase awareness of hearing loss amongst older clients and to encourage use of effective ways of speaking to hearing impaired people.  (The posters could at the same time be placed on aged care residents’ notice boards to encourage residents to also adopt these measures.)  Download the poster pack

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