Hearing Assistance Teaching and Learning Modules

Hearing assistance teaching and learning modules

These free resources are for use in pre-service and in-service education and training of nurses and other care staff in aged care and in hospitals.
The modules are also available for individual continuing professional development purposes..

  • Online hearing assistance training module delivered via Moodle.  Ideal preparation for students prior to work placement and for verifiable in-service/CPD purposes.  Follow this link
  • Online instructional video, incorporating multiple-choice quizzes with certificate and confirmatory email available on satisfactory completion. This free online training is hosted by HEARnet Learning and is readily accessible by individual learners for CPD and in-service purposes. Take this link
    • (HEARnet Learning is a service provided by the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre. Follow this link (http://hearingcrc.org)
  • Posters - a series of posters designed to support an announced improvement plan for hearing assistance in aged care and hospitals etc.  The eight A4 posters can be placed on staff notice boards at intervals - say weekly.  The poster are designed to increase awareness of hearing loss amongst older clients and to encourage use of effective ways of speaking to hearing impaired people.  Download the poster pack

For alignment of the modules with Elements and Performance Criteria in the relevant Training Package Units of the Diploma of Nursing.

For alignment of the modules with Training Package Unit CHCCCS011 of Certificate III in Individual Support and Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

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